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About Us



After years of experience and in cooperation with the largest Greek companies in the production and marketing of oil, VIVELIA LTD was created with the sole purpose to merge our vision of providing high quality and value products to our customers with the supreme good that Mother Nature has generously given us in Greece.

VIVELIA works side by side with a large network of partners-producers in order to ensure the collection of the best product from varieties of extra virgin olives from all over Greece. Being in direct collaboration with small production units, it also allow us to do so, at the best possible prices.

To ensure that despite the increasing demands, we produce the same high quality extra virgin olive oil, we have established an oil press in AgiaParaskevi in Viotia. The area gives us the advantage of combining the intensity and fruitiness of the Koroneiki olive and the subtleness and sweetness of the Megaron olive, whichgives our oil its unique and distinct aroma and taste.

What characterises us and makes us stand out, is our consistency and passion for our products.

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